Custom Finish Program

Sherrill Occasional offers many finish options that make it easy to customize your furniture and your home. Create a unique look by mixing finish combinations. The opportunities are limited only by your imagination. Sherrill Occasional offers three levels of finishes varying in application time and difficulty. The complexity of the finish is reflected in the terms Standard, Premium, and Artisan.

Sherrill Occasional uses the highest quality materials in all of its products. Finishes are not guaranteed to be a perfect match as each piece is finished by our Artisans’ hands. Wood, like all natural materials, has inherent disparities in color and grain pattern. There will be variation in color, texture and shading. Every finish was created for a specific wood species. Variation will occur when a finish is used on a different wood species and can change the overall look of the finish. We strive to provide an accurate representation of all finishes on our website, but due to changes in lighting, types of monitors, and photography limitations, color variation is possible.

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Standard Finishes

Beeswax 10 (H)
A medium brown high sheen finish with hand-applied burnishing and a deep luster.
Black K2 (L)
A rich and true black finish with a deep luster.
Black Nickel 39 (H)
A deep nickel-colored paint finish with very fine black brushing on top and a high sheen to resemble black nickel metal.
Cafe Noir C8 (H)
The color of rich, dark Columbian coffee, Café Noir is a beautifully sleek very dark brown/black finish with a high sheen.
Carob Brown M2 (L)
A low sheen and warm brown finish enhances Walnut’s beautiful grain and warm tonal ranges.
Cashmere C7 (H)
The warmth and elegance of this high-sheen dark walnut finish adds a touch of class and refinement to any item.
Cotswold G1 (H)
A deep clear brown finish with a medium-high sheen level is apt for a formal traditional or urban highend contemporary look.
Dove 17 (L)
A soft patinated Belgian grey finish, burnished and detailed with a gently spattered antique glaze.
Driftwood 76 (L)
A neutrally aged pecan-toned finish enhanced with a bleached grey/beige overtone to characterize a weathered antique.
Earth Grey N6 (L)
The earth grey finish offers casual light grey hues with a dry antique vintage character.
Espresso 21 (M)
Deep rich black traditional finish with a deep luster that has a very light rub-through along the perimeter edge.
Fog Grey B2 (L)
An opaque grey paint with a light taupe surface spatter providing a more casual and slightly aged appearance.
Gold F4 (H)
Gold paint with a glazed appearance to emulate the beauty and appearance of gold leafing.
Maison 07 (H)
A rich hand-rubbed waxed dark walnut high sheen finish enhanced with hand-burnished edges, cow tailing, and a light antique spatter.
Malibar C3 (M)
A wonderfully soft black finish with brown undertones.
Mineral J7 (L)
Grey-stained finish with some translucence which accentuates the wood character of the item.
Modern Elm A2 (M)
Developed to take advantage of elm veneer grain patterns, this warm greyish-brown high sheen creates a soft, transitional look.
Platinum 87 (M)
Platinum is a metallic finish with an underlying base of silver and subtle hand-padded gold overtones, giving a platinum patina.
Sancere H2 (L)
A warm, creamy ivory painted finish with a very light brush-stroke glaze applied over the top.
Sandstone P6 (L)
Sandstone is a casual lighter hue with a whitewashed canvas effect. The depth of the finish is subtle and crafted with character.
Silver Fox M5 (H)
Metallic silver color that is very refined, allowing for translucence to showcase the natural beauty of the wood.
Slate J5 (L)
A multi-step finish starting with a medium brown finish, then overlaid with a grey-beige secondary finish.
Smoked Ash 35 (H)
Semi-opaque greige finish.
Smoked Ash/Sandblasted A5 (L) *
Semi-opaque greige finish with sand blasting technique to create wood character.**AVAILABLE ON ASH & OAK SANDBLASTED ITEMS ONLY.
Smoked Walnut P3 (L)
Natural clarity of the wood is enhanced with a darkened stain.
Soho 55 (H)
A rich, medium-value, clear brown finish reminiscent of a lightly burnished antique pecan with a high sheen level.
Stone 79 (L)
Very clean grey-beige finish that reads through to the beauty of the wood grain beneath.
Sugar 28 (L)
An opaque, clean white finish with a very slight intermittent rubthrough along the perimeter edge.
Vintage Grey N4 (M)
Casual semi-opaque grey finish with grain character highlighted through sandblasting. *AVAILABLE ON ASH & OAK SANDBLASTED ITEMS ONLY.
Walnut 30 (H)
A sophisticated high sheen finished walnut brown with russet undertones enhancing the natural beauty of wood.
Washed Canvas J3 (L) *
Has a white filler intended to hang up in the grain, then sealed, drybrushed, visually distressed, and finished with three coats of lacquer. *AVAILABLE ON ASH & OAK ITEMS ONLY.
Washed Linen 34 (L)
Clean, off-white finish with a very light rub through, providing the natural look of washed cotton or flax.
Wishbone Q6 (L)
Subtle cerusing in this off-white palette creates a casual, inviting feel.v
Color Match CM
Select any brand name paint color and we will Color Match it on your order; include name, number, and a color chip with the order.

Metal Leaf Options

Black Pearl ML
Silver leaf squares that are heavily worn-through, over top of a high gloss black paint background.
Bronze Patina ML
A very organic,variegated finish comprised of browns and grays reflecting an acid-washed surface.
Gold Leaf Squares ML
A beautiful gold leaf finish painstakingly applied by hand in a grid pattern with very subtle black highlighting to create a slightly vintage appearance.
Silver Leaf Squares ML
Painstakingly applied by hand in a grid pattern with very subtle black highlighting.
Silver Leaf with Gold ML
Leaf finish created by applying gold painted ground color, hand-applying silver leaf sheets in a grid pattern on top of the paint, then wearing the edges to expose the gold. Use finish code "SG" on order.


S3: Charcoal
S5: Crystal Grey
S1: Ivory
S4: Pearl
S2: Taupe
*SURFACES* Only available on select items as indicated in the price list.

Striping Options

Many items lend themselves to hand-striping applications which can enhance the design and customize the piece to one’s individual taste. Striping patterns are predetermined by the factory. Special striping pattern requests may be submitted for approval and may require a sketch and additional charges if deemed necessary. If a style has physical distressing, we will rub through the areas of decoration to appear appropriately aged; if there is no physical distressing the decoration will not have rub through.